March 2017

The Persian Quadruplets: We had four 7-week-old kittens visit us at the hospital. Two were pure white, one was cream, and the other was gray. The staff has a blast passing these furry cuties around, as each was as friendly as their counterpart. Take a look! They were extremely photogenic!

May 2017

This 8 week old kitten was found in front of our hospital in the parking lot. Our staff members immediately fell in love and named the kitten Choncho. Choncho loves belly rubs and can fall asleep anywhere, even in the back of the car! The kitten is now under the care of one of our staff members and will have a great life visiting the hospital from time to time! Keep a look out for Choncho next time you visit!

June 2017

Dr. Sangani and Dr. Chapman have been working on building a non-profit organization in Turkey in hopes to help Turkish farmers with their animals, as well as the stray dog and cat population. Setting up the organization requires trips to Turkey a couple times a year. The doctors took their most recent trip in March. Take a look!